sorry, i havent been updating much. way too much going on ...
i'll start posting more soon!

went on a lil adventure on wednesday :)
got bored during interval so we..
flagged school and went down to the beach.
8 more days of high school left, 
it's now or never.
drove down to cockle bay beach first.
spotted a jellyfish..

couldnt tell whether it was dead or alive..
figured it was dead after a while.

to touch or not to touch?


we spun.

we climbed a tree.

we swung.

we took more photos.

chris rolling down the hill after being kicked by adam.

drove off to momo tea!
it just opened a few days ago;
thought we'd give it a try 

empty cups :(
i forgot to take a photo before we drank them.

drove off to musicpoint.
oh my LORD!
we got lost.
wasted so much petrol driving in circles.
maps are so impossible to read!
anyhoo, thanks to dana and nicole,

we finally made it to our destination.

the old building we had to pass to get to the lookout point.

tame lassie dog guarding the entrance.

walked through the bush..

until the sight of the sea greeted us.
and down 
down we went.

the steps were so damn steep!

people fishing on the rock .

the rocks were so natural and beautiful!
dangerous too!
tricky getting on and off them!

we were all dress in the wrong attire!
all wearing skinny as jeans;
do hard to climb rocks and stttteeeeep steps in!
the bottom of my jeans wear soaked
i was reeking of saltwater.

what else we wished we had?

this trip got me craving for fun.
the spontaneity made it so much more exciting 
such wrong timing!
cant think of fun now.
need to get through assignments and exams FIRST.

school> kumon> assignments> revision> sleep> eat.
so lame!
cant wait for exams to be OVVVVEEEERRRR.
only 11 more school days left of high school!

dont really have time to blog so i just posted some food photos.
they can speak for themselves.
they are phone photos, so excuse the blurriness!

bro made potato salad with cute cute shapes!

salmon & baked potatoes.

pork loins.

chicken consomme with poached egg.

crab & fish fritters.

cinnamon french toast with almond & rhubarb.

chocolate creme brulee.

apricot sponge cake.

i want these nails!

nicole's birthday last weekend.
my camera died on me so i dont have much photos.

i really super super like this shot!
i have no clue how i took it !
the colour just came out that way lol

to more recent updates.
there's only 3 weeks left of high school until we break off for study leave.
3 weeks to cram all the assignments!
death i tell you.
havent been sleeping much.
i kinda forgot how sleep feels like 

theresa and i worked overtime today.
stayed back at school tidying up the house assignment.
i SOMEHOW managed to complete that 2 term long assignment into 5 days!
all things are possible ok!
now, i gotta complete another 3 more and i'll be sweet.
wish me the best!

our empty class. 
apart from the caretakers, i think we were the only ones left in school.
scary feeling!

stayed till around 4.30pm.

theresa then accompanied me to go dress fitting!
i couldnt make up my mind on which dress to buy.
how typical.
anyhow, i settled with a pinkish red one!
it's a definite change of what i normally wear but change is good right 

excuse me,
i need to satisfy my vainess.

thank you very much.

a tsunami hit my room.

dont worry,
24 hours later.
i put everything back where they belong.

i even vacuumed and wiped down the window panes!

after reading cheesie's blog post about jellybellys the other day,
i went and got myself a pack.
im not a fan of jelly beans but seriously,
you have to try these jelly beans.

i love the choco pudding and the toasted marshmallows jelly beans

they only sell the original here 

2 pairs of socks, a scarf & a box of jelly bellys!

i dont have a photo of nicole's present as i wrapped it before realizing i hadnt taken a photo of it !
forgive the crappy wrapping;
i couldnt find giftwrap!
better than newspaper right?

nicole & denise turns 18..

i didnt charge my camera!
it died 30 mins into the party

i used my cellphone..

i was playing with theresa's camera in the car.
didnt realize the flash was so bright!
almost got us killed.

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